New absoluteBlack GraphenLube – wax graphene based chain lube, durable and with hefty friction loss


The independent data presented for this new chain lube from absoluteBlack states: 1800 km per application and 3- 10 watts savings compared to other lubes. GRAPHENlube is graphene based, a sort of wonder material that is already used for overall better performance from tyres.


Two years in development GraphenLube composition is hydrocarbon wax-based water emulsion, a special mix of high purity graphene. It does not contain any harmful solvents. When liquid the color is light grey, when is in a solid state (dry, paste like coating) the color is black.

Graphene has a low friction coefficient, and prevents abrasion, successfully filling the miniscule surface imperfections on the drivetrain. It also has superior resistance to moisture and oxidation, effective in reducing rust exposure on the chain, repealing the water and does not attract dirt.


According to absoluteBlack the extremely low coefficient of friction is maintained in all the environments, on a single application will hold sub 5 Watts of frictional losses over 900 km distance. Lab test findings are clear, behind admirable numbers is a process of reducing watt loses, not generating the watts.


Before soaking the chain in the GraphenLube an important process of preparation is needed. Removing the chain, then immerse it in a (eco friendly) solvent, then letting the chain to dry completely. After this the chain is left soaked in a GraphenLube using a plastic bag for about 30 minutes, then it needs to be dried completely before reinstalling.

Lastly, GraphenLube will be produced in limited quantities, so surely it wont be cheap.