BMW creative power – melting the swing arm into chassis frame


Imagination never cease to amaze. BMW new patent application shows how they are in search for ingenious rear suspension with oddball thinking toward engineering, design and application, and how constant pursue for performance gains never stops.

BMW debuted their first all carbon frame with their limited edition HP4 Race, track version bike. Pioneers on that field, followed by Ducati with their own all carbon Superleggera they are both well advanced in regards of high-tech carbon composites.

But latest drawing of BMW patent shows completely new approach regarding the rear suspension. Their approach is using own wast know-how of carbon composite materials from auto industry and sports car racing in finding a novel way and applying that knowledge by engineering integrated swing arm into the frame (main chassis).

Conventional swing arm
New BMW patent application for carbon swing arm

Carbon-fibre can be engineered to be rigid concerning one direction and flexible in another. This characteristics will allow new swing arm to bend and be able to absorb bumps vertically, and be stiff laterally (side to side).

For suspension tuning a conventional rear shock, damper and spring will be used, with carbon swing arm providing the spring effect.

When this patent will go ahead like real application and production remains to be seen, there are lot of gremlins to be fine tuned for this new approach to be fully functional. Gains in weight reduction, improved aerodynamics and chassis strength as a whole are enough reason for continued out of the ordinary development.