The Driven – CeramicSpeed vision of chainless drivetrain closer to real application


At the 2018 EuroBike show CeramicSpeed launch the first version of Driven, vision and pioneering project for 99% efficient chainless drivetrain.

CeramicSpeed are confident it is the way we will cycle in the future.

After the launch next two major steps of this engineering project were The Driven to be rideable and shifting gears. 

To show us how The Driven works in real world and its ability on multi terrains CeramicSpeed made practical application of the system on three bikes The Venge, The Hero and The Lux.

Specialized S-Works Venge fitted with The Drive

In the testing Specialized S-Works Venge the most aerodynamic bike in the world fitted with The Drive showed aerodynamic improvement of up to 3% over the Venge fitted with traditional chain and derailleur drivetrain. In real world numbers this could translate in 8 seconds over 40 km according to Ingmar Jungnickel, Aerodynamic R&D Lead at Specialized.

With optimal efficiency of this drivetrain technology up to 99% it also creates 49% less friction than current traditional drivetrains. What is behind this numbers?

A pinion drive shaft and 21 CeramicSpeed hybrid bearings with 58 % lighter ceramic balls and 2.3 times harder than traditional steel with increased speed of the bearing of up to 30-50%.

Driven is incorporates fixed front pinion and wirelessly controlled, electronic shiftable rear split-pinion (pioneering design-patent pending). Shift pattern of rear split-pinion is “step and follow”, one half of the pinion engineered as “the lead” stepping into position when free from the cassette to engage next gear and the trailing half follows when free from the cassette, thus completing the shift.

Rear split-pinion
The Drive in motion

detailed video

The Driven drivetrain is wireless controlled electronic shifting, it houses rechargeable battery in the shaft, an actuator and shift mechanism that controls rear split-pinion.

For precise meshing between pinion and cassette they engineered Torque Decoupler made up of two spring loaded bearings.

The Driven drivetrain on Canyon LUX MTB

Telescope driveshaft capable of transferring high torque is produced for MTB concepts that use varying axis-axis length.

How will handle max torque of a rider? What changes will be made for further strengthening? Other changes to refine the original design? These and other questions will be answered in near future. We are all eager to try, now its a waiting game bound to happen.